Approximate instantneous current in RLC circuit

Saumya Ranjan Jena, Damayanti Nayak


In this study, a mixed rule of degree of precision nine has been developed and implemented in the field of electrical sciences to obtain the instantaneous current in the RLC- circuit for particular value .The linearity has been performed with the Volterra’s  integral equation of second kind with particular kernel . Then the definite integral has been evaluated through the mixed quadrature to obtain the numerical result which is very effective. A polynomial has been used to evaluate Volterra’s integral equation in the place of unknown functions. The accuracy of the proposed method has been tested taking different electromotive force in the circuit and absolute error has been estimated.


Error bound; Initial value problem; Kirchhoff’s voltage law; Maclaurin's theorem; Mixedquadrature; Volterra integal equation


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