Modelling and simulation of online partial discharge measurement for medium voltage power cable

A. Z. Abdullah, M. Isa, M. N. K. H. Rohani, H. A. Hamid, M. H. Amlus, N. Azizan


This paper presents the modelling and simulation of the online partial discharge (PD) measurement of the medium voltage (MV) power cable. Recently, PD measurement and monitoring trends are rapidly increasing due to high efficiency and reliable power systems. Aging and degradation are mainly due to the presence of partial discharge in the high voltage power equipment used. PD measurement is therefore a highly recommended task to avoid degradation of the insulation for high voltage (HV) equipment in order to avoid failures or breakdowns. Real network modelling is necessary to improvise system design in order to find the efficiency in a real power system network before it is implemented. In order to support modelling, simulation of the system is the best practice for defining the capability of the design system. In this paper, modelling focuses on a real distribution network by applying Rogowski coil (RC) to trigger PD activity. The simulation is then performed to determine the functionality and reliability of the system with the RC application in the network system. Modelling includes RC as a detection sensor, 70 km length, of a complete network using a cross-linked polyethylene (XPLE) underground cable. The analysis is performed in the ATP-EMTP and MATLAB Simulink software environments. In addition, this paper contributed to justify the approach of a simplified PD sensor and measurement system. This PD measurement system provides a complete solution in the context of condition-oriented monitoring for the ability to apply the RC to trigger PD activity in the power distribution network.


Measurement; Modelling; Partial discharge; Power cable; Rogowski coil; Simulink

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