An Identification of Multiple Harmonic Sources in a Distribution System by Using Spectrogram

M. H. Jopri, A. R. Abdullah, M. Manap, T. Sutikno, M. R. Ab Ghani


The identification of multiple harmonic sources (MHS) is vital to identify the root causes and the mitigation technique for a harmonic disturbance. This paper introduces an identification technique of MHS in a power distribution system by using a time-frequency distribution (TFD) analysis known as a spectrogram. The spectrogram has advantages in term of its accuracy, a less complex algorithm, and use of low memory size compared to previous methods such as probabilistic and harmonic power flow direction. The identification of MHS is based on the significant relationship of spectral impedances, which are the fundamental impedance (Z1) and harmonic impedance (Zh) that estimate the time-frequency representation (TFR). To verify the performance of the proposed method, an IEEE test feeder with several different harmonic producing loads is simulated. It is shown that the suggested method is excellent with 100% correct identification of MHS. The method is accurate, fast and cost-efficient in the identification of MHS in power distribution arrangement.


Harmonic source identification, Multiple harmonic sources, Spectral impedance, Spectrogram, Time-frequency distribution

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