Influence of low power consumption on IEEE 802.15.4 in wireless networks performance

A. Z. Yonis


IEEE 802.15.4 standard defines both media access control (MAC) and physical (PHY) layer protocols for low power consumption, low peak data rate, and low cost applications. Nowadays the most important feature of IEEE 802.15.4 is maximizing battery life. This paper is focusing how to achieve low average power consumption through assuming that the amount of data transmitted is short and that it is transmitted infrequently so as to keep a low duty cycle. The outcomes demonstrate that the phase shift estimation of Offset quadrature phase-shift keying (OQPSK) modulation has no impact on bit error rate (BER) if it is identical in the transmitter as same as in the receiver.


Data rates; IEEE 802.15.4; MAC layer; OQPSK; PHY layer

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