Singular value decomposition filtering in high-frame-rate cardiac vector flow imaging

Michiya Mozumi, Ryo Nagaoka, Hideyuki Hasegawa


Dysfunction of the left ventricle (LV) weakens the cardiac function and affects the physical activity. Echocardiagraphy has been used to visualize the blood flow dynamics and to evaluate the cardiac function. However, the signal processing to suppress the clutter signals should be employed. In this study, we employed the singular value decomposition (SVD) clutter filtering to obtain the cardiac blood speckle images. We also employed the adaptive thresholding metric to determine the proper cutoff values at each phase during the cardiac cycle. Moreover, we employed a depth-dependent SVD clutter filter for more accurate estimation of the cardiac blood echo signals. The 2D blood flow velocity vectors were estimated by applying the block matching method to obtained blood speckle images. The obtained results show that the proposed filter suppressed the clutter signals from left ventricular wall significantly, and the contrast-to-noise ratio (CNR) was improved from -0.5 dB to 13.8 dB by the proposed SVD clutter filtering.


Block matching method; Cardiac blood flow; Clutter filter; Singular value decomposition; Ultrasound imaging

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