Study on the Rough-set-based Clustering Algorithm for Sensor Networks

Fengmei Liang, Liyuan Zhang, Peng Sun


The traditional clustering algorithm is a very typical level routing algorithm in wireless sensor networks (WSN). On the basis of the classical LEACH (Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy) algorithm, this paper proposes an energy efficient clustering algorithm in WSN. Through the introduction of rough set, the new algorithm mainly introduces how to confirm an optimized strategy to choose the cluster head effectively by the simplified decision table. That is to say, by discrete normalized data preprocessing of attribute value, getting discretization decision table. Finally, the results from simulated experiments show that the clustering algorithm based on rough set theory can optimize the clustering algorithm in network data. That is to say, the rough-set-based clustering algorithm can effectively choose the cluster head, balance the energy of the nodes in the cluster and prolong the lifetime of sensor networks.

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