Design and development of intelligent waste bin system with advertisement solution

Tarig Faisal, Moath Awawdeh, Anees Bashir


In cities where a large geographical area of the city is densely populated, the process of waste collection is cumbersome, tiresome and expensive. Often, the burden of manually tracking and collecting of waste causes waste management companies enormous wasted effort and get them involved in tasks that are not necessary. No doubt, a digital interaction between waste management companies and targeted waste collection areas could ensure the process becomes fast, efficient and traceable as they become aware of the states of the wastes, aptly. It will considerably reduce any discrepancies that may occur due to the lack of information available during a particular time. Accordingly, this paper proposes a novel approach towards waste management combined with the internet of things to reduce the problems that would occur due to the accumulation of wastes and hence improvise waste collection/management process. Additionally, an innovative feature which generates revenue and creates business opportunities for waste management companies is introduced via advertisement solution based on network-attached storage technology.


Advertisement solution; Internet of Things; Microcontroller; Quality network appliance provider; Smart waste management

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