A cascaded converter using hybrid cells and H-bridge structure

Satya Subrahmanya Ajay Dangeti, Chaitanya Kishore Patnaik Sekharamantry, Venkata Kowshik Bayanti, B. A. Raju Ch, KVS Ramachandra Murthy, Abhilash Tirupathi


This paper introduces a cascaded converter structure using hybrid two-level cells to form a single-phase seven-level inverter. Compared to various conventional and existing multilevel (MLI) topologies, this topology requires a lower number of devices. It uses several DC sources integrated in two-stage cells to provide the required voltage. In this topology, the DC-link condensers are not necessary. The modes of operation and modulation of the structure proposed are described in depth. Finally, in the MATLAB/Simulink platform the new topology is evaluated and the results reported. 


Cascaded multi-level inverter; THD; Two-level cells

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v10i6.2783


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