A secure and energy saving protocol for wireless sensor networks

Aso Ahmed Majeed, Baban Ahmed Mahmood, Ahmed Chalak Shakir


The research domain for wireless sensor networks (WSN) has been extensively conducted due to innovative technologies and research directions that have come up addressing the usability of WSN under various schemes. This domain permits dependable tracking of a diversity of environments for both military and civil applications. The key management mechanism is a primary protocol for keeping the privacy and confidentiality of the data transmitted among different sensor nodes in WSNs. Since node's size is small; they are intrinsically limited by inadequate resources such as battery life-time and memory capacity. The proposed secure and energy saving protocol (SESP) for wireless sensor networks) has a significant impact on the overall network life-time and energy dissipation. To encrypt sent messsages, the SESP uses the public-key cryptography’s concept. It depends on sensor nodes' identities (IDs) to prevent the messages repeated; making security goals- authentication, confidentiality, integrity, availability, and freshness to be achieved. Finally, simulation results show that the proposed approach produced better energy consumption and network life-time compared to LEACH protocol; sensors are dead after 900 rounds in the proposed SESP protocol. While, in the low-energy adaptive clustering hierarchy (LEACH) scheme, the sensors are dead after 750 rounds.


Attack; Cryptography; Heterogenous WSN; Key management; Security

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v10i6.2796


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