Image confusion and diffusion based on multi-chaotic system and mix-column

Amal Abdulbaqi Maryoosh, Zahraa Salah Dhaif, Raniah Ali Mustafa


In this paper, a new image encryption algorithm based on chaotic cryptography was proposed. The proposed scheme was based on multiple stages of confusion and diffusion. The diffusion process was implemented twice, first, by permuting the pixels of the plain image by using an Arnold cat map and, the second time by permuting the plain image pixels via the proposed permutation algorithm. The confusion process was performed many times, by performing the XOR operation between the two resulted from permuted images, subtracted a random value from all pixels of the image, as well as by implementing the mix column on the resulted image, and by used the Lorenz key to obtain the encrypted image. The security analysis tests that used to exam the results of this encryption method were information entropy, key space analysis, correlation, histogram analysis UACI, and NPCR have shown that the suggested algorithm has been resistant against different types of attacks.


Arnold cat map; Image encryption; Image permutation; Lorenz system; Mix-column

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