A smart guidance navigation robot using petri net, database location, and radio frequency identification

Yudhi Gunardi, Jumadril J. N., Dirman Hanafi


The objective of this research is, to explain a new framework to navigate the movement of the robot towards a target goal. This involves the need for the robot to move from the initial position to 1 out of 30 rooms. Therefore the strategy used involves the combination of the room database stored in the RFID data using the petri net (PN) method to simulate and model the movement of the robot for navigation after which the dynamic behavior of the robot is moving to the desired location was analyzed. The process started from the creation of an environmental map determined by the user followed by modeling through PN and the result was used to produce a marking value which explains and navigates the movement of the robot towards the selected room. The marking value was also used as the database for the robot's movement and later substituted with the RFID to be used as the sensor input in the implementation stage. It was concluded that the robot has the ability to move to the target position according to the database stored in RFID and designed to move forward and turn left and right. For example, it followed the marking value M1 M2 M3M13M12 M11 M10 M9 M8 to Room 1 and M1 M2 M46 M47 to Room 29.


Marking; Petri net; Place; RFID; Robot; Transition

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v10i4.3077


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