Estimation of lithium-ion battery state-of-charge using an extended kalman filter

Mouhssine Lagraoui, Ali Nejmi, Hassan Rayhane, Abderrahim Taouni


The main goal of a battery management system (BMS) is to estimate parameters descriptive of the battery pack operating conditions in real-time. One of the most critical aspects of BMS systems is estimating the battery's state of charge (SOC). However, in the case of a lithium-ion battery, it is not easy to provide an accurate estimate of the state of charge. In the present paper we propose a mechanism based on an extended kalman filter (EKF) to improve the state-of-charge estimation accuracy on lithium-ion cells. The paper covers the cell modeling and the system parameters identification requirements, the experimental tests, and results analysis. We first established a mathematical model representing the dynamics of a cell. We adopted a model that comprehends terms that describe the dynamic parameters like SOC, open-circuit voltage, transfer resistance, ohmic loss, diffusion capacitance, and resistance. Then, we performed the appropriate battery discharge tests to identify the parameters of the model. Finally, the EKF filter applied to the cell test data has shown high precision in SOC estimation, even in a noisy system.


Battery management system; Battery state of charge; Extended kalman filter; Lithium-ion battery

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