Research on fault adaptive fault tolerant control of distributed wind solar hybrid generator

Yitong Niu, Intisar A. M. Al Sayed, Alya'a R. Ali, Israa Al_Barazanchi, Poh Soon JosephNg, Zahraa A. Jaaz, Hassan Muwafaq Gheni


Due to the poor accessibility, poor operating conditions, high failure rate, long maintenance time, and difficult maintenance of wind hybrid generators, the economic loss is huge once the failure stops. To this end, the fault adaptive fault-tolerant control of distributed wind and wind hybrid generators is studied, the historical operation data of offshore wind and wind hybrid generators and onshore wind and wind hybrid generators are counted and compared, and the fault characteristics of key components of offshore wind and wind hybrid generators are analyzed. The generator sets are summarized, and the common electrical faults of wind turbines and their impacts on the system are analyzed. This paper summarizes the current research status of fault-tolerant operation of existing offshore wind and wind complementary generators in terms of software fault tolerance and hardware fault tolerance, summarizes the current fault tolerance schemes for offshore wind and wind complementary generators, and analyzes the application feasibility of existing fault tolerance schemes. In addition, the main problems of fault-tolerant offshore wind and solar complementary generator sets are pointed out, and future research hotspots are foreseen.


Fault tolerance; Fault tolerant control; Generator set

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