Colour image encryption based on hybrid bit-level scrambling, ciphering, and public key cryptography

Ahmed Kamil Hasan Al-Ali, Jafaar Mohammed Daif Alkhasraji


This paper proposes an image encryption technique using three stages algorithms based on hyper-chaotic maps. In the first scenario, bit-level scrambling (BLS) using a 2D coupled chaotic map (2D-CCM) is used to encrypt the bits of the basic colour image. In the second strategy, the scrambled bit level is XORed with pseudo random bit generator (PRBG). The PRBG is designed using a combination of chaotic maps, including, logistic map (LM), sine map (SM), 5D chaotic map (5D-CM), enhanced quadratic map (EQM), and 2D henon SM (2D-HSM). The pubic key based on the Chebyshev polynomial chaotic map is used as the final phase of the encryption algorithms. The performance analysis of the proposed image encryption technique is validated through various criteria such as fundamental space analysis, correlation coefficient, entropy, the number of pixels changes rate (NPCR), and unified average-changing intensity (UACI). Also, the obtained results are compared with other recent studies. The simulation results demonstrated that the proposed technique has robust security and it provides the image with high protection against various attacks.


Bit-level scrambling; Hyper-chaotic maps; Image encryption; Pseudo random bit generator; Public key cryptography

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