The novel strategy of electrical arc furnace design and control approach for voltage flicker investigation

Mohan P. Thakre, Pawan C. Tapre, Deepak P. Kadam, Mousam Sharma, Sunil Somnath Kadlag, Yogesh Vilas Mahadik


Voltage flickers and harmonics are power quality (PQ) problems in the electric system during a variation and arc furnace (AF) adaptability. AF creations must determine a harmonic and flicker. This article evaluates complex AF systems. This article presents a newly established time domain (TD) static become to on an AF's V-I attributes (VIA). Static arc configurations are useful for harmonic analyses, but dynamic methods are needed for PQ studies, especially voltage flicker analysis. The MATLAB-based dynamic AF configuration is simulated for four different configurations. A response with configurations 1 and 4 varies from the real AF outcomes. The  simulation results and numerical finding shows that configurations 2 and 3 are much more appropriate and produce better results for minimum 3rd harmonics for arc current, arc voltage, and point of common coupling (PCC) voltage. The novelty of this configuration is that the energy transferred to the load by the AF during the cycle of operation has been identified, making the developed scheme more reliable and dependent on the load's operational conditions. After that, effective applications of these configurations and other configurations' accuracy should be clarified.


Arc furnace; Electric arc furnace; Flicker; Harmonic; Power quality

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