Solutions of economic load dispatch problems for hybrid power plants using Dandelion optimizer

Hung Duc Nguyen, Ly Huu Pham


In this paper, an economic load dispatch problem (ELD) is solved for reaching optimal power output of hybrid systems in addition to cost minimization. The systems consider the forbidden working zones (FWZs), dynamic load demand, wind farms, and solar photovoltaic fields (SPs). The cost minimization solutions for the ELD problem are found by applying the Dandelion optimizer (DO), the salp swarm algorithm (SSA), and the particle swarm optimization (PSO). In the study case, the power system consists of six thermal power plants (TPs), two wind farms, and two SPs. In addition, the variation of load demand over 24 hours of one day is applied. DO and SSA can achieve the best cost of $15443.0753 for the first system, but PSO cannot. However, DO is the most stable method reaching the standard deviation of 0.0184 for fifty runs but that of SSA and PSO is about 1.0439 and 8.9664. For the second system, DO can reach smaller cost than PSO by $11.17, $137.74 and $323.09 for the best, mean and worst solutions among fifty found solutions. As a result, DO is strongly recommended for solving the ELD problem.


Dandelion optimizer; Economic load dispatch; Particle swarm optimization; Renewable energy; Salp swarm algorithm

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