Stability analysis of power system under n-1 contingency condition

Guru Mohan Baleboina, Mageshvaran Rudramoorthy


Several voltage stability indices (VSIs) have been developed to assess the potential for voltage collapse. However, certain indexes are computationally costly. Meanwhile, some have been noted to underperform across various conditions. This work proposes a novel line index called the super voltage stability index (SVSI) to calculate the system's voltage stability margin (VSM). The suggested approach is based on the transmission system's two bus systems. The reactive power loss and N-1 contingency conditions to voltage sensitivity is a unique calculation approach used in this study to identify voltage instability. Day to day, the demand for electric power is being increased due to incessant increments in technology and population growth. Therefore, the power system networks are under pressure. The operational conditions of transmission system networks are affected at this point, which may result in voltage collapse. Regular monitoring of power supply is essential to avert voltage collapse. The effectiveness of the suggested index has been assessed using the IEEE 5 and 30-bus systems across diverse operating scenarios, including variations in active and reactive power loading as well as single line losses. The findings indicate that SVSI provides a more reliable indication of the proximity to voltage collapse when compared to conventional line VSIs.


Contingency conditions; IEEE 30-bus; N-1 outage; Stability indices; Voltage instability

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