Comparative analysis of meta heuristics algorithm for differential amplifier design

Pankaj P. Prajapati, Anilkumar J. Kshatriya, Dhavalkumar N. Patel, Sima K. Gonsai, Hardik B. Tank, Kinjal R. Sheth


The design of analog circuits is very essential for the development of system design based on electronics as the world is analog in nature. Furthermore, performance of emerging products depends on analog circuits for reduction of power dissipation and improvement of speed. Though in the system on chip (SoC) analog circuit consumes less, it is more complex to design it due to the analog circuit nature complexity. The job of the evolutionary algorithm (EA) in the process of optimization of an analog circuit based on complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) is to get the appropriate values that can be used for the design parameters of the given circuit in such a way such that all the targeted specification of the given circuit can be obtained. The chaotic serial particle swarm optimization (CSPSO) and cuckoo search (CS) algorithms are lower than to those found through the particle swarm optimization (PSO) and differential evolution (DE) algorithms. The CS algorithm obtained all the desired specifications with less power dissipation and the least total transistor area compared to those attained by the DE and PSO algorithms.


Complementary metal oxide semiconductor; Cuckoo search; Differential evolution; Evolutionary algorithm; Particle swarm optimization

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