A highly scalable CF recommendation system using ontology and SVD-based incremental approach

Sajida Mhammedi, Noreddine Gherabi, Hakim El Massari, Zineb Sabouri, Mohamed Amnai


In recent years, the need of recommender systems has increased to enhance user engagement, provide personalized services, and increase revenue, especially in the online shopping industry where vast amounts of customer data are generated. Collaborative filtering (CF) is the most widely used and effective approach for generating appropriate recommendations. However, the current CF approach has limitations in addressing common recommendation problems such as data inaccuracy recommendations, sparsity, scalability, and significant errors in prediction. To overcome these challenges, this study proposes a novel hybrid CF method for movie recommendations that combines the incremental singular value decomposition approach with an item-based ontological semantic filtering approach in two phases, online and offline. The ontology-based technique is leveraged to enhance the accuracy of predictions and recommendations. Evaluating our method on a real-world movie recommendation dataset using precision, F1 scores, and mean absolute error (MAE) demonstrates that our system generates accurate predictions while addressing sparsity and scalability issues in recommendation system. Additionally, our method has the advantage of reduced running time.


Accuracy; Collaborative filtering; Dimensionality reduction; Ontology; Scalability; Semantic filtering; Sparsity

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v12i6.6261


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