Secure and efficient data storage with Rivest Shamir Adleman algorithm in cloud environment

Ezhilarasan Elumalai, Dinakaran Muruganandam


Cloud computing rapidly is a prerequisite and releases resources with minimal management effort. The surfacing of the cloud has significantly distorted the general insight into infrastructure, software services, and development models. In contrast to single-key encryption models based on public or private keys (PKs), hybrid encryption systems combine encryption methods using symmetric or asymmetric methods. Various hybrid algorithms fail to meet users’ expectations regarding data security and cannot prevent all security risks. The secure and efficient data storage and retrieval (SEDSR) algorithm was developed for scalable key management between the content owner, cloud user, and service providers in an un-trusted cloud environment. In the implementation, the SEDSR combines the Rivest Shamir Adleman (RSA) algorithm 4096 key length with a primary symmetric key method to provide adequate and compact security with optimal retrieval systems in the cloud. Based on the experimental evaluation, the SEDSR minimizes 1.7 seconds of encryption times (ET) and 1.5 seconds of decryption time (DT) and improves by 34% throughput (TRP) compared to existing parameters.


Cloud computing; Cloud storage server; Data security; Decryption; Encryption; Secure and efficient data; Storage and retrieval algorithm

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