Deep convolutional neural network for Lampung character recognition

Panji Bintoro, Zulkifli Zulkifli, Fitriana Fitriana, Sukarni Sukarni


Recognition of document based, and handwritten characters has recently emerged as highly relevant field of study in the field of digital image processing. The ability to read and write Lampung script is a crucial competency as it helps preserve the language, which is a part of Indonesian culture. This research utilizes data obtained from classified documents and handwritten samples, categorized into eight types. To recognize Lampung characters, deep convolutional neural network (DCNN) architecture is proposed. The novelty of this architecture lies in optimizing document-based and handwritten character recognition to achieve the best performance in terms of accuracy and execution time. The proposed architecture will be compared to principal component analysis (PCA) combined with support vector machine (SVM) to evaluate its results. Experimental results using the DCNN architecture show an average accuracy of 99.3% and an execution time of 283 seconds for all data, while PCA and SVM exhibit an average accuracy of 92.9%. Furthermore, the recognition results for all data from documents and handwritten samples yield satisfactory accuracy of 98.6%. These results make the DCNN architecture suitable for use in recognizing Lampung characters and are expected to make it easier for Lampung people to recognize Lampung character.


Deep convolutional neural network; Lampung characters; Pattern recognition; Principal component analysis; Support vector machine

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