Detecting and Shadows in the HSV Color Space Using Dynamic Thresholds

Boutaina Hdioud, Mohammed El Haj Tirari, Rachid Oulad Haj Thami, Rdouan Faizi


The detection of moving objects in a video sequence is an essential step in almost all the systems of vision by computer. However, because of the dynamic change in natural scenes, the detection of movement becomes a more difficult task. In this work, we propose a new method for the detection moving objects that is robust to shadows, noise and illumination changes. For this purpose, the detection phase of the proposed method is an adaptation of the MOG approach where the foreground is extracted by considering the HSV color space. To allow the method not to take shadows into consideration during the detection process, we developed a new shade removal technique based on a dynamic thresholding of detected pixels of the foreground. The calculation model of the threshold is established by two statistical analysis tools that take into account the degree of the shadow in the scene and the robustness to noise.  Experiments undertaken on a set of video sequences showed that the method put forward provides better results compared to existing methods that are limited to using static thresholds.


HSV; MOG; Object detection; Shadow removal

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