Radio Frequency Peak and Average Power Density from Cellular Mobile Base Stations in Ekiti State, Nigeria

Ilesanmi Oluwafemi, Deji Faluru, Dunni FemiJemilohun, Tayo Dorcas Obasanya


In this paper, peak and average power density of radio frequency radiation from selected mobile stations in rural, subrural and urban area of Ekiti State, Nigeria is investigated. Investigation was conducted with four available mobile operators with the three sub frequency band via 900, 1800 and 2100 MHz. the power density of radio frequencyradiation was estimatedthrough measurementwith the aid of A 3-axis RF radiationstrength meter TM-196, used to measure the detailed RF power density.values in microW/m2 and mW/m2. and handheld spectrum analyzer model NA-773,144/430 MHz in fill mode was used to measure the spectrum, the x axisof the spctran scanrepresent the radiation strength in dBm.Measurements of the radiation were performed at the intervalof 5m up to 250 m from the base station.The peak and average power densitywas computed using the methos of theorectical calculation. the safety distance from the antenna were also estimated. The measured and calculated values were comparedwith the international commission onnon-ionizing radiation protection standardfor public and occupational expoure level. Results shows that the radiations from the base staion are below the recommended exposure level


Power Density, Base Station, Radio Frequency, Electromagnetic radiation


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Bulletin of EEI Stats