Vol 9, No 4

August 2020

List of Accepted Papers

Table of Contents

Experiment based comparative Analysis of Stator Current Controllers using Predictive Current Control and Proportional Integral Control for Induction Motors
Thanh Ha Vo, Trong Minh Tran, Tung Lam Nguyen, Hong Quang Nguyen
Active Cell Balancing of Li-Ion Batteries Using Single Capacitor & Single LC Series Resonant Circuit
Ferdous S. Azad, A K M Ahasan Habib, Abidur Rahman, Istiak Ahmed
Wireless Sensor Network for Monitoring Irrigation
Gita Indah Hapsari, Giva Andriana Mutiara, Luky Rohendi, Aldy Mulia
Compensation of time-varying clock-offset in a long baseline navigation
Yohannes S. M. Simamora, Harijono A. Tjokronegoro, Edi Leksono, Irsan S. Brodjonegoro
Performance analysis of the convolutional recurrent neural network on acoustic event detection
Yong-Joo Chung, Suk-Hwan Jung
Improvement of Genetic Algorithm using Artificial Bee Colony
Ali Abdulkathem Taher, Suhad Malallah Kadhim
A Quad Band Planar Slotted Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wireless Applications
Reshma Roy, Apurva Singh, Om Prakash Kumar, Tanweer Ali, Manohara Pai M M
Verification analysis for the reliable analytical multi-taper detector in next generation network
Hebat Allah.O.Selim, Ahmed Ahmed Shaaban Dessouki, Heba Y.M.Soliman
HistoriAR: Experience Indonesian History Through Interactive Game and Augmented Reality
Shintia Trista, Andre Rusli
Improved ant colony optimization for quantum cost reduction
Shaveta Thakral
Generation of infectious disease alerts through the use of geolocation
Antonio Sarasa-Cabezuelo
Measurement of Material Volumes in a Cylindrical Silo Using Acoustic Wave and Resonance Frequency Analysis
Chukiet Sodsri
Implementation of Electronic Stethoscope for Online Remote Monitoring with Mobile Application
Sugondo Hadiyoso, Dieny Rofiatul Mardiyah, Dadan Nur Ramadan, Asril Ibrahim
Development of a Reliable Path-loss Model for FM broadcast reception in Office Locations
Marco G. Domingo, Prince Kendrick E. Estebal, Geraldine A. Tongco, Gerino Palafox Mappatao
Effective Tocotrienol Dosage Traceability System using Blockchain Technology
Norhaslinda Kamaruddin, Abdul Wahab
Bangla Handwritten Character Recognition using MobileNet v1 Architecture
Tapotosh Ghosh, Min-Ha-Zul Abedin, Shayer Mahmud Chowdhury, Zarin Tasnim, Tajbia Karim, S M Salim Reza, Sabrina Saika, Dilshad Ara Hossain
Physical Security Layer with Friendly Jammer in Half-Duplex Relaying Networks over Rayleigh Fading Channel: Intercept Probability Analysis
Phu Tran Tin, Duy-Hung Ha, Minh Tran, Tran Thanh Trang
English Poems Categorization using Text Mining and Rough Set Theory
Saif Ali Abd Alradha Alsaidi, Ahmed Tariq Sadeq, Hasanen S. Abdullah

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