Requirements identification for distributed agile team communication

Nor Hidayah Zainal Abidin, Pathiah Abdul Samat


Communication plays an important role to deliver the correct information. However, the communication became challenging especially for agile software teams, which are in geographical distributed. The problem arise when there are exchanging information using unstructured communication platform, misunderstanding on the information communicated and lack of documentation. The aims of this study is to propose a text classification technique for requirements identification in text messages.  In this study, we adopted the cascade and cluster classification concept of Carotene that relies on the hash tag function. It classifies the text messages into requirements types instead of job title. This technique called as High Level Carotene (HLC) technique that embedded into the tool to identify the functional requirement and non-functional requirements. The result shows that our technique effectiveness to identify both of requirements in text messaging.


carotene; distributed agile; requirement identification; text classification; text messaging;


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Bulletin of EEI Stats