Improved ant colony optimization for quantum cost reduction

Shaveta Thakral, Dipali Bansal


Heuristic algorithms play a significant role in synthesize and optimization of digital circuits based on reversible logic yet suffer with multiple disadvantages for multiqubit functions like scalability, run time and memory space. Synthesis of reversible logic circuit ends up with trade off between number of gates, quantum cost, ancillary inputs and garbage outputs. Research on optimization of quantum cost seems intractable. Therefore post synthesis optimization needs to be done for reduction of quantum cost. Many researchers have proposed exact synthesis approaches in reversible logic but focussed on reduction of number of gates yet quantum cost remains undefined. The main goal of this paper is to propose improved ant colony optimization (ACO) algorithm for quantum cost reduction. The research efforts reported in this paper represent a significant contribution towards synthesis and optimization of high complexity reversible function via swarm intelligence based approach. The improved ACO algorithm provides low quantum cost based toffoli synthesis of reversible logic function without long computation overhead.


Ant colony optimization; Complexity; Heuristic; Quantum cost; Synthesis

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