Induction motor harmonic reduction using space vector modulation algorithm

Yassine Zahraoui, Mohamed Akherraz, Chaymae Fahassa, Sara Elbadaoui


The vector control was proposed as an alternative to the scalar control for AC machines control. Vector control provide high operation performance in steady state and transient operation. However, the variable switching frequency of vector control causes high flux and torque ripples which lead to an acoustical noise and degrade the performance of the control scheme. The insertion of the space vector modulation was a very useful solution to reduce the high ripples level inspite of its complexity. Numerical simulation results obtained in MATLAB/Simulink show the good dynamic performance of the proposed vector control technique and the effectiveness of the proposed sensorless strategy in the presence of the sudden load torque basing on the integral backstepping approach capabilities on instant perturbation rejection.


Harmonic reduction; Induction motor; Integral backstepping control; Space vector modulation; Speed sensorless

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