Implement of multiple access technique by wireless power transfer and relaying network

Dinh-Thuan Do, Anh-Tu Le


In this paper, we investigate non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) relaying network in which relay equipped power splitting (PS) protocol for energy harvesting (EH). In our proposed system, the relay forwards signal to server two NOMA users by exploiting wireless energy from the base station (BS) transmissions in downlink in the first phase. Performance gap exists since different power allocation factor assigned as adaptive PS protocol employed for powering the re-transmissions to the destinations. Unlike existing NOMA schemes, which are not optimal in terms of instantaneous rate maximization, our proposed paradigm maximizes the achievable capacity in scenario of dual hop transmission. In particular, the outage probability is first derived and then average achievable capacity can be further achieved. Simulation results confirm exactness of the analytical expressions and show advantages of the proposed EH-NOMA
system in terms of outage performance and the achievable capacity.


outage probability; wireless power transfer; NOMA



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Bulletin of EEI Stats