Autonomous system to control a mobile robot

Ayman Abu Baker, Yazeed Yasin Ghadi


This paper presents an ongoing effort to control a mobile robot in unstructured environment. Obstacle avoidance is an important task in the field of robotics, since the goal of autonomous robot is to reach the destination without collision. Several algorithms have been proposed for obstacle avoidance, having drawbacks and benefits. In this paper, the fuzzy controller is used to tackle the problem of mobile robot autonomous navigation in unstructured environment. The objective is to make the robot move along a collision free trajectory until it reaches its target. The proposed approach uses the fuzzified, adaptive inference engine and defuzzification engine. Also number of linguistic labels is optimized for the input of the mobile robot in order to reduce computational time for real-time applications. The proposed fuzzy controller is evaluated subjectively and objectively with other approaches and also the processing time is taken in consideration.


Fuzzy logic; Mobile robot; Navigation system; Unstructured environment

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