Deblurring of noisy iris images in iris recognition

Shahrizan Jamaludin, Nasharuddin Zainal, W Mimi Diyana W Zaki


Iris recognition used the iris features to verify and identify the identity of human. The iris has many advantages such as stability over time, easy to use and high recognition accuracy. However, the poor quality of iris images can degrade the recognition accuracy of iris recognition system. The recognition accuracy of this system is depended on the iris pattern quality captured during the iris acquisition. The iris pattern quality can degrade due to the blurry image. Blurry image happened due to the movement during image acquisition and poor camera resolution. Due to that, a deblurring method based on the Wiener filter was proposed to improve the quality of iris pattern. This work is significant since the proposed method can enhance the quality of iris pattern in the blurry image. Based to the results, the proposed method improved the quality of iris pattern in the blurry image. Moreover, it recorded the fastest execution time to improve the quality of iris pattern compared to the other methods.


Blurry image; Deblurring; Iris pattern; Iris recognition; Wiener filter

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