Random early detection-quadratic linear: an enhanced active queue management algorithm

Samuel Oluwatosin Hassan, Vivian Ogochukwu Nwaocha, Adewole Usman Rufai, Tola John Odule, Theophilus Aniemeka Enem, Lukman Adebayo Ogundele, Suleiman Abu Usman


This paper identifies the lone linear drop function for computing the dropping probability between certain queue threshold values as a major weakness for the random early detection (RED) algorithm as it leads to large delay and queue instability. To address this concern, we propose an enhanced RED-based algorithm called random early detection-quadratic linear (referred to as “RED-QL”) active queue management (AQM) which leveraged the benefit of a quadratic packet drop function for a light-to moderate traffic load conditions together with a linear packet drop function for a heavy traffic load condition respectively. Results from ns-3 network simulator using different experimental scenarios clearly reveals that the proposed RED-QL algorithm yields a substantial reduction in delay performance and indeed a reduced average queue size than other three representative AQM algorithms. RED-QL is robust, easy to implement and deploy in routers (both in software and hardware) as no more than the packet drop probability profile of the classic RED’s algorithm implementation needs modest alteration.


Delay; Internet routers; RED; RED-QL; Simulation

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v11i4.3875


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