A comparative study on image forgery-facial retouching

Kinjal Ravi Sheth, Vishal Suryakantbhai Vora


Forgery with the digital images is being very easy now days due to the very advanced and open source image editing tools, software and devises which supports a high quality of resolutions. Tempering with digital documents for changing identity or sometimes for fun is increasing day by day as the era is of digital world. Detecting clues of tampering and verifying the authenticity of images is an important issues now-a-days and growing research field. The existing research in the area of digital image forgery identification is discussed here. Different types of image forgery attacks along with its detection and classification are discussed too. A general review of facial image authentication is studied and discussed here along with the current methods and techniques for the detection and classification. A comparative analysis is presented here for the researchers as a mind mapping to work in the same field.


Active forgery; Detection; Image forgery; Passive forgery; Retouching

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v12i2.4481


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