Mobile game model for monitoring Malaysian food calories intake using image recognition

Nurmaisarah Ismail, Sazilah Salam, Siti Nurul Mahfuzah Mohamad, Bambang Pudjoatmodjo, Norazlina Shafie, Rashidah Lip, Mohd Adili Norasikin, Faaizah Shahbodin


Two important problems related to food consumption were reported in Malaysia: Malaysia was the sixth rank in Asia for the highest adult obesity rate; and the United Nation reported that Malaysian consumed an average of 2,910 calories per day. An imbalanced diet and high intake of calorie-dense food problems that need attention to reduce obesity. These problems affect national economies by lowering productivity, increasing disability, raising health care expenses, and shortening life spans. Although, there are food calorie tracking applications available, however, existing apps are less engaging and to recognize Malaysian food due to its not versatile databases. This can be solved using game technologies. Hence, this study will propose mobile game model as a solution to the underlying problems. There are 4 phases in the method: expert validation, initial model, expert verification, and final model. The proposed parameters were validated by dietitians, and nutritionists. The model was verified by game experts. A low fidelity prototype was developed based on the proposed model to assist the expert verification process. The model was finalized based on the expert’s feedback. The proposed game model resolves the limited recognition of Malaysian food and monitoring the food calories intake in an engaging way.


Image recognition; Mobile game model; Monitoring food calories

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