Discover human poses similarity and action recognition based on machine learning

Mohammed Moath Abdulghani, Mohammed Talal Ghazal, Anmar Burhan M. Salih


In the computer vision field, human action recognition depending on pose estimation recently made considerable progress, especially by using deep learning, which improves recognition performance. Therefore, it has been employed in various applications, including sports and physical activity follow-up. This paper presents a technique for recognizing the human posture in different images and matching their pose similarity. This aims to evaluate the viability of employing computer vision techniques to verify a person's body pose during exercise and determine whether the pose is executed properly. Exercise is one strategy we use to maintain our health throughout life. Gymnastics and yoga are two examples of this type of exercise. The proposed algorithm identifies human action by recognizing the body's key points. The OpenPose library has been used to detect 18 key points of the human body. The action classification task is performed using the support vector machine (SVM) algorithm. Then, the algorithm computes the similarity of the human pose by comparing a model image to a test image to determine the matching score. Evaluations show that our method can perform at a competitive or state-of-the-art performance on a number of body pose datasets.


Action recognition; Computer vision; Cosine distance; OpenPose; Pose similarity; Support vector machine

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