New Hybrid Non-Dominated Sorting Differential Evolutionary Algorithm

Mohammad Bakhshipour, Farhad Namdari, Nooshin Bahador


This paper presents a new multi objective optimization algorithm with the aim of complete coverage, faster global convergence and higher solution quality. In this technique, the high-speed characteristic of particle swarm optimization (PSO) is combined with non-dominated differential evolutionary (NSDE) and an efficient multi objective optimization algorithm is created. This method posses high convergence characteristic in quite less execution times. Generating fewer populations to find the Pareto front also makes the proposed algorithm use less memory. For the purpose of performance evaluation, the algorithm is verified with four benchmarking functions on its global optimal search ability and compared with two recognized algorithm to assess its diversity. The capability of the suggested algorithm in solving practical engineering problems such as power system protection is also studied and the results are discussed in detail.


Hybrid algorithm, Multi objective obtimization, PSO, NSDE, Power system protection, Relay coordination, IFCL

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