An Efficient Image Denoising Approach for the Recovery of Impulse Noise

S. Rajkumar, G. Malathi


Image noise is one of the key issues in image processing applications today. The noise will affect the quality of the image and thus degrades the actual information of the image. Visual quality is the prerequisite for many imagery applications such as remote sensing. In recent years, the significance of noise assessment and the recovery of noisy images are increasing. The impulse noise is characterized by replacing a portion of an image’s pixel values with random values Such noise can be introduced due to transmission errors. Accordingly, this paper focuses on the effect of visual quality of the image due to impulse noise during the transmission of images. In this paper, a hybrid statistical noise suppression technique has been developed for improving the quality of the impulse noisy color images. We further proved the performance of the proposed image enhancement scheme using the advanced performance metrics.


image quality, impulse noise, visual quality, image denoising, image sharpen, image smoothing

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