Context Based Classification of Reviews Using Association Rule Mining, Fuzzy Logics and Ontology

Razia Sulthana A, Subburaj Ramasamy


The Internet has facilitated the growth of recommendation system owing to the ease of sharing customer experiences online. It is a challenging task to summarize and streamline the online textual reviews. In this paper, we propose a new framework called Fuzzy based contextual recommendation system. For classification of customer reviews we extract the information from the reviews based on the context given by users. We use text mining techniques to tag the review and extract context. Then we find out the relationship between the contexts from the ontological database. We incorporate fuzzy based semantic analyzer to find the relationship between the review and the context when they are not found therein. The sentence based classification predicts the relevant reviews, whereas the fuzzy based context method predicts the relevant instances among the relevant reviews. Textual analysis is carried out with the combination of association rules and ontology mining. The relationship between review and their context is compared using the semantic analyzer which is based on the fuzzy rules.


context, reviews, recommendation, ontology, classification

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