Detection and mitigation of DDoS attacks in SDN based intrusion detection system

Meryem Chouikik, Mariyam Ouaissa, Mariya Ouaissa, Zakaria Boulouard, Mohamed Kissi


Software defined networks (SDN) have completely revolutionized the management and operation of networks. This novel technology entails a distinctive approach to management. Amidst the advancements, a notable security concern arises in the form of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. To counteract this attack, the deployment of intrusion detection systems (IDS) assumes paramount importance. IDS plays a critical role in monitoring network traffic, promptly detecting irregularities that may signify a potential denial of service (DoS) assault. This study delves into a comprehensive exploration of a DDoS attack on an SDN network using the OpenDaylight controller and the Mininet emulator. Furthermore, the assessment extends to evaluating the DDoS attack's repercussions and the effectiveness of IDS in mitigating such risks. Various performance metrics, including throughput according to delay time, are monitored to gauge network performance under duress. The difference in throughput curves when comparing scenarios with and without IDS highlights the significant impact of intrusion detection. When the IDS was absent, there was a noticeable increase in oscillations, indicating greater network susceptibility. On the other hand, the presence of an IDS created a more regulated environment, reducing variances and promoting a more stable network.


Distributed denial of service; Intrusion detection systems; Mininet; OpenDaylight; OpenFlow; Software defined networks; Throughput

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