Implementing canny edge detection algorithm for noisy image

Ehsan Akbari Sekehravani, Eduard Babulak, Mehdi Masoodi


Edge detection is a significant stage in different image processing operations like pattern recognition, feature extraction, and computer vision. Although the Canny edge detection algorithm exhibits high precision is computationally more complex contrasted to other edge detection methods. Due to the traditional Canny algorithm uses the Gaussian filter, which gives the edge detail represents blurry also its effect in filtering salt-and-pepper noise is not good. In order to resolve this problem, we utilized the median filter to maintain the details of the image and eliminate the noise. This paper presents implementing and enhance the accuracy of Canny edge detection for noisy images. Results present that this proposed method can definitely overcome noise disorders, preserve the edge useful data, and likewise enhance the edge detection precision.


Canny algorithm; Edge detection; Image processing; Median filter; Noisy image

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