Flying object tracking and classification of military versus nonmilitary aircraft

Ehsan Akbari Sekehravani, Eduard Babulak, Mehdi Masoodi


Tracking of moving objects in a sequence of images is one of the important and functional branches of machine vision technology. Detection and tracking of a flying object with unknown features are important issues in detecting and tracking objects. This paper consists of two basic parts. The first part involves tracking multiple flying objects. At first, flying objects are detected and tracked, using the particle filter algorithm. The second part is to classify tracked objects (military or nonmilitary), based on four criteria; Size (center of mass) of objects, object speed vector, the direction of motion of objects, and thermal imagery identifies the type of tracked flying objects. To demonstrate the efficiency and the strength of the algorithm and the above system, several scenarios in different videos have been investigated that include challenges such as the number of objects (aircraft), different paths, the diverse directions of motion, different speeds and various objects. One of the most important challenges is the speed of processing and the angle of imaging.


Aircraft; Flying object; Flying object tracking; Object detection; Particle filter

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