Optimization of distribution network configuration with multi objective function based on improved cuckoo search algorithm

Thuan Thanh Nguyen


This paper proposes an improved cuckoo search (ICSA) for solving the distribution network reconfiguration (NR) problem with multi-objective function. The membership functions are considered consisting of minimizing of power loss, load balancing among branches and among the feeders, node voltage deviation and switching operation numbers. ICSA is developed from the original CSA with adding the local search mechanism for exploiting around the current best solution. The effectiveness of the ICSA has validated on the 70-node and the 83-node practical systems. The obtained results have been compared to those from runner root algorithm (RRA) and other methods in the literature. The obtained results demonstrate that ICSA has high ability for searching the optimal solution with higher successful rate and better quality of obtained solution as well as smaller iterations compared to RRA and other methods. Therefore, ICSA is a reliable method for the multi-objective NR problems.


Electric distribution network; Improved cuckoo search; Multi-objective; Network reconfiguration; Power loss reduction

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v9i4.1886


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