Stabilized controller of a two wheels robot

Ahmad Fahmi, Marizan Sulaiman, Indrazno Siradjuddin, I Made Wirawan, Abdul Syukor Mohamad Jaya, Mahfud Jiono, Zakiyah Amalia


The Segway Human Transport (HT) robot, it is dynamical self-balancing robot type. The stability control is an important thing for the Segway robot. It is an indisputable fact that Segway robot is a natural instability framework robot. The case study of the Segway robot focuses on running balance control systems. The roll, pitch, and yaw balance of this robot are obtained by estimating the Kalman Filter with a combination of the pole placement and the Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) control method. In our system configuration, the mathematical model of the robot will be proved by Matlab Simulink by modelling of the stabilizing control system of all state variable input. Furthermore, the implementation of this system modelled to the real-time test of the Segway robot. The expected result is by substitute the known parameters from Gyro, Accelero and both rotary encoder to initial stabilize control function, the system will respond to the zero input curve. The coordinate units of displacement response and inclination response pictures are the same. As our expected, the response of the system can reach the zero point position.



Inverted pendulum; Segway; Stabilize control; State-feedback; Two wheels robot

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