The enhancement of logging system accuracy for infrastructure as a service cloud

Surapong Wiriya, Winai Wongthai, Thanathorn Phoka


We introduce the novel technical results of the enhanced logging system for customer virtual machines (VMs) in an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) cloud. The main contribution is that the enhanced system can work with a better system's accuracy and speed, with the simplicity of the design and implementation. We measure the accuracy of the unenhanced logging system, then find a quick solution to enhance the system based on the results of the measurement. To measure and enhance the unenhanced system, we increase the main memory and CPU cores of the VMs then collect the accuracy results from each increment configuration. We analyze the results and propose to use the taskset tool to enhance the accuracy of the system. Found three main findings include: firstly, the accuracy of the enhanced system is about 20% on maximum better than the unenhanced one; the enhanced system accuracy becomes 100%; lastly, the enhanced system can detect a file with the smaller file size as almost 12% smaller. The findings can be a basis to design the logging systems in an IaaS cloud, to decrease hardware and energy investment. To the best of our knowledge, the contribution and findings are not in the literature.


Cloud security; Energy reduction; IaaS; Logging system; Smart application;

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