Predicting machine failure using recurrent neural network-gated recurrent unit (RNN-GRU) through time series data

Zainuddin Z., P. Akhir E. A., Hasan M. H.


Time series data often involves big size environment that lead to high dimensionality problem. Many industries are generating time series data that continuously update each second. The arising of machine learning may help in managing the data. It can forecast future instance while handling large data issues. Forecasting is related to predicting task of an upcoming event to avoid any circumstances happen in current environment. It helps those sectors such as production to foresee the state of machine in line with saving the cost from sudden breakdown as unplanned machine failure can disrupt the operation and loss up to millions. Thus, this paper offers a deep learning algorithm named recurrent neural network-gated recurrent unit (RNN-GRU) to forecast the state of machines producing the time series data in an oil and gas sector. RNN-GRU is an affiliation of recurrent neural network (RNN) that can control consecutive data due to the existence of update and reset gates. The gates decided on the necessary information to be kept in the memory. RNN-GRU is a simpler structure of long short-term memory (RNN-LSTM) with 87% of accuracy on prediction.


Gated recurrent unit; Machine failure; Machine learning; Prediction; Time series data

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