Indoor and outdoor investigation comparison of photovoltaic thermal air collector

Bahtiar Bahtiar, Muhammad Zohri, Ahmad Fudholi


Photovoltaic technology is one of renewable energy technology very hopeful, especially photovoltaic thermal system or PVT system. A PVT system solar air collector produces hot air and electricity simultaneously. In this study, indoor and outdoor investigation comparison of PVT system solar air collector has tested at the National University of Malaysia. The indoor and outdoor investigation conducted with variation mass flow rates from 0.01 kg/s to 0.05 kg/s at the solar intensity of 820 W/m2. Indoor and outdoor evaluation is conducted to precisely evaluate the performance improvement theorized by the researcher. The comparison between the indoor and outdoor outcome purposed to confirm each testing and attraction decision. The outdoor investigation outcomes were agreement with indoor results. Indoor investigation outcomes reliably with outdoor investigation outcomes indicated by accuracy results.


Air collector; Efficiency; Indoor; Outdoor; Photovoltaic thermal

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