Application of a new constraint handling method for economic dispatch considering electric market

Thanh Long Duong, Ly Huu Pham, Thuan Thanh Nguyen, Thang Trung Nguyen


In this paper, optimal load dispatch problem under competitive electric market (OLDCEM) is solved by the combination of cuckoo search algorithm (CSA) and a new constraint handling approach, called modified cuckoo search algorithm (MCSA). In addition, we also employ the constraint handling method for salp swarm algorithm (SSA) and particle swarm optimization algorithm (PSO) to form modified SSA (MSSA) and modified PSO (MPSO). The three methods have been tested on 3-unit system and 10-unit system under the consideration of payment model for power reserve allocated, and constraints of system and generators. Result comparisons among MCSA and CSA indicate that the proposed constraint handling method is very useful for metaheuristic algorithms when solving OLDCEM problem. As compared to MSSA, MPSO as well as other previous methods, MCSA is more effective by finding higher total benefit for the two systems with faster manner and lower oscillations. Consequently, MCSA method is a very effective technique for OLDCEM problem in power systems.


Constraint handling method; Cuckoo search algorithm; Economic load dispatch; Fitness function; Maximum profit

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