Batik pattern recognition using convolutional neural network

Mohammad Arif Rasyidi, Taufiqotul Bariyah


Batik is one of Indonesia's cultures that is well-known worldwide. Batik is a fabric that is painted using canting and liquid wax so that it forms patterns of high artistic value. In this study, we applied the convolutional neural network (CNN) to identify six batik patterns, namely Banji, Ceplok, Kawung, Mega Mendung, Parang, and Sekar Jagad. 994 images from the 6 categories were collected and then divided into training and test data with a ratio of 8:2. Image augmentation was also done to provide variations in training data as well as to prevent overfitting. Experimental results on the test data showed that CNN produced an excellent performance as indicated by accuracy of 94% and top-2 accuracy of 99% which was obtained using the DenseNet network architecture.


Batik; Classification; CNN; Pattern recognition

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