The effect of a SECoS in crude palm oil forecasting to improve business intelligence

Al-Khowarizmi Al-Khowarizmi, Ilham Ramadhan Nasution, Muharman Lubis, Arif Ridho Lubis


Crude palm oil is a crop that has a harvest period of ± 2 weeks and is in dire need of dissemination of information using e-commerce in order to be able to predict the price of the yield of companies or individual gardens within the next 2 weeks in order to improve studies on business intelligence. The disadvantage of not implementing e-commerce is certainly detrimental to the garden owner because they have to go through an agent so prices are set based on the agent. So with the application of e-commerce, buyers of crude palm oil can predict prices in conducting business processes to the future. So the need to forecasting the price of crude palm oil heads in order to improve the application of business intelligence using the evolution-based artificial neural network (ANN) method which in this paper is tested with SECoS get a MAPE value of 0.035% and by applying business intelligence can protect transaction costs by 33.3%.


ANN; Business intelligence; Crude palm oil; e-Commerce; SECoS

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