Android mobile application for wildfire reporting and monitoring

Rony Teguh, Fengky F. Adji, Benius Benius, Mohammad Nur Aulia


Peat fires cause major environmental problems in Central Kalimantan Province, Indonesia and threaten human health and effect the social-economic sector. The lack of peat fire detection systems is one factor that causing these reoccurring fires. Therefore, in this study, we develop an Android mobile platform application and a web-based application to support the citizen-volunteers who want to contribute wildfires reports, and the decision-makers who wish to collect, visualize, and evaluate these wildfires reports. In this paper, the global navigation satellite system (GNSS) and a global position system (GPS) sensor from a smartphone’s camera, is a useful tool to show the potential fire and smoke’s close-range location. The exchangeable image (EXIF) file image and GPS metadata captured by a mobile phone can store and supply raw observation to our devices and sent it to the data center through global internet communication. This work’s results are the proposed application easy-to-use to monitoring potential peat fire by location and data activity. This paper focuses on developing an application for the mobile platform for peat fire reporting and a web-based application to collect peat fire location for decision-makers. Our main objective is to detect the potential and spread of fire in peatlands as early as possible by utilizing community reports using smartphones.


Android smartphone; Central Kalimantan; EXIF metadata; GNSS; Peat fires

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