Colorectal multi-class image classification using deep learning models

Mallela Siva Naga Raju, Battula Srinivasa Rao


Colorectal image classification is a novel application area in medical image processing. Colorectal images are one of the most prevalent malignant tumour disease type in the world. However, due to the complexity of histopathological imaging, the most accurate and effective classification still needs to be addressed. In this work we proposed a novel architecture of convolution neural network with deep learning models for the multiclass classification of histopathology images. We achieved the findings using three deep learning models, including the vgg16 with 96.16% and a modified version of Resnet50 with 97.08%, however the proposed Adaptive Resnet152 model generated the best accuracy of 98.38%. The colorectal image multiclass dataset is publicly available which has 5000 images with 8 classes. In this study we have increased all classes equally, total 15000 images have been generated using image augmentation technique. This dataset consists of 60% training images and 40% testing images. The suggested method in this paper produced better results than the existing histopathology image categorization methods with the lowest error rate. For histopathological image categorization, it is a straightforward, effective, and efficient method. We were able to attain state-of-the-art outcomes by efficiently utilizing the resourced dataset.


Convolution neural network; Deep learning; Histopathology images; Image augmentation

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